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Elaine Bailey, Ph.D.

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist ~ Licensed in Florida and Alabama


I am a partner and co-owner of Psychological Associates, P.A. with over 15 years of experience in private practice. My first eight years of practice were primarily devoted to evaluation and therapy for adults, children, couples and families on topics including anxiety, depression, personality disorder, trauma, addiction, eating disorder, pain, impulse-control, sexual deviation, marriage, relationships and parenting. In 2008, I shifted to a forensic focus and have consulted for prosecution and defense across 4000+ cases in state/federal court and 65+ courts martial in military court.   I have testified on behalf of the government and defense on 100+ occasions on topics including competency, sanity, mitigation, confession, eyewitness testimony, childrenís testimony, cognition and memory, suggestibility, intoxication, blackout and pass out, risk of sexual and violent recidivism, victim impact, domestic violence, mental health, psychological and developmental disorders and intellectual disability.  I am a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Florida State University where I teach Psychiatry and Law to select 3rd and 4th year medical students. I have served as adjunct professor and guest lecturer at the University of West Florida. My background also includes evaluation and treatment in diverse treatment facilities including Bryce Hospital (chronic care inpatient facility for the severely mentally ill), UAB Inpatient Psychiatry (acute psychiatric inpatient facility), North Harbor Psychiatric Pavilion (acute psychiatric, detox and addiction inpatient facility), Veteranís Affairs Medical Center (outpatient PTSD and biofeedback), Spain Rehabilitation Center (stroke and brain injury inpatient facility), Kirklin Clinic (primary care outpatients), and four long term care nursing facilities (geriatric and dementia patients).

For Curriculum Vitae, click here: CV.pdf